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A way of life


Concerns about your safety are always present in our approach. That's why at Hästens Sleep Spa we adopt the safest and most efficient working practices, so that the quality of our service is improving all the time.

Safe and Clean Certificate


At Hästens Sleep SPA, your safety and comfort and those of our team are our top priority.

Our whole team has received specific training on the internal protocol for the Covid-19 outbreak, ensuring that prevention and control standards will be complied with in all circumstances.

Access to the hotel and moving through/remaining in closed spaces is only permitted if wearing a face mask (if you do not have a face mask, our staff will provide one). If you develop symptoms, the safety protocol will be immediately activated in collaboration with the health authorities.

We will remain watchful of the situation, following the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health, and will remain firm in our commitment to offer our guests, partners and employees, the highest standard of service.



A commitment


Absolutely skilled in carrying out the cleaning and disinfection protocol in all our spaces.

From reserved areas to common areas, at Hästens Sleep SPA cleaning is a commitment that has absolute priority, with alternating frequencies during your stay.

Our entire team that welcomes you undertakes to provide a clean, tidy space and has the appropriate training to ensure, at all times during your stay, a pleasant environment conducive to your complete well-being, total comfort, and maximum tranquillity.