Exclusive moments


Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel arranges moments prepared just for you, so you can make the most of your body and mind well-being experience.

What are your interests?

Tell us what your interests are and enjoy a leisurely tour of Coimbra University, prepared just for you. There, you can read and touch ancient books, visit a prison, lose yourself in a guided tour of the Physics Museum and the Natural History Gallery, be delighted by a pipe organ concert played just for you, enjoy welcome drinks in a historical area of the university and have an exclusive gastronomic experience at Palácio de São Marcos, in a room all to yourself!

You could also go star-gazing with an expert or be surprised by an archaeological experience prepared just for you as you tour the cistern discovered at Montemor-o-Velho Castle in the company of an archaeologist.

You might event have a stroll around the Botanical Gardens with a biologist who will enhance your visit, or a foray into Seminário Maior (Greater Seminary), with its Domenico Vandelli ceramic tiles, or Convento de São Francisco (St Francis' Convent).

Tailor-made experiences for special guests

At Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel we dare to surprise you at every turn. If you have a specific interest and would like a unique, exclusive experience, please tell us. We will do everything we can to accommodate you and enhance your stay.

The many fields of knowledge of a school as old and prestigious as that in Coimbra are accessible here in their most sophisticated representation for special guests in a unique opportunity to have the multiplicity of sciences of one of Europe's oldest universities available in its most sophisticated version.


The perfect encounter between complete well-being in body and mind.


With a unique view of the Santa Clara Bridge and the Mondego River, Hästens Sleep SPA is located on the axis of central Portugal's most charming gems, whose university is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Fado of Coimbra. Unique.

A cosmopolitan but traditional city, marked by fado sung exclusively by men wearing black cloaks, in serenades or in front of the Cathedral.

The University’s 18th Century Tower

Here, the tower of Portugal's oldest university stands out from the rooftops and gives the site an inter-cultural, academic atmosphere.

The Conqueror

Just two hundred metres away from Hästens Sleep SPA, King D. Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, lies buried within Igreja de Santa Cruz (Church of the Holy Cross). He was known as the Conqueror, and his bravery and irreverence made Portugal an independent Kingdom in 1143. Also, King Second King of Portugal and son of King Afonso Henriques.


A Love Story

However, the country's history is not made of only conquests with happy endings. Coimbra was the stage of the most beautiful love story.

Pedro and Inês lived in the old Palace of Santa Clara, in a chain of meetings and mishaps that ended tragically at Quinta das Lágrimas with the death of Inês, ordered by Pedro's father, the King. Today, it is Portugal's most iconic story of romance.


One step from history and two steps from Hästens Sleep SPA, the region offers other fascinating treasures.


Beaches – Nazaré and Figueira da Foz

The long sandy beach at Figueira da Foz, with its vintage-style Casino and the salt flats of the Mondego River estuary; picturesque Nazaré beach with its colossal waves formed in the famous Nazaré Canyon, where surfer Garrett McNamara surfed the largest and highest wave in the world at the time, and where women wearing seven skirts still dry fish in the sun on the beach.

Fátima – Altar of the World

The most important shrine to the Virgin Mary, known as the "Altar of the world" and one of the most important shrines and Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.

Alcobaça and Batalha — Discover heritage

The imposing Monastery at Alcobaça, where Pedro and Inês are buried, and the Monastery of Batalha, that symbolizes Portuguese independence seized at Aljubarrota in a decisive fight between the Portuguese and the Castilians – both classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites – are not to be missed.

Aveiro — The charms of the Ria (Lagoon)

Further north – Aveiro, the city that is home to the heavenly egg yolk sweet known as "Ovos Moles", the epitome of Portuguese convent confectionery, invites you to the S. Jacinto dunes natural reserve and a ride on a "moliceiro", typical river-going vessel painted with colourful, playful panels that navigate the canals of the Ria.

Óbidos — Medieval graciousness

Let yourself be enchanted by the medieval graciousness of the town of Óbidos, with its walled castle and flower-lined streets, and meandering whitewashed houses decorated with bright stripes of colour.

So many treasures, so close at hand

Less than an hour from each of these destinations, Hästens Sleep SPA is the ideal space for those who seek to reconcile physical well-being, provided by a unique sleep experience, with another balm: mental well-being, of which we can provide only a brief account here.

Our staff will be happy to help you discover more about these and many other treasures on a journey through Portugal's heritage.