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See the world through the eyes of others


With the representation of more than a thousand timeless literary works –because books are magical – at Hästens Sleep Spa we invite you to look at the world through the eyes of some of the most outstanding authors in the history of world literature.


The timelessness of knowledge

Immerse yourself in the literary works of art symbolized here in a tribute to knowledge and the Joanine Library.

The romantic melancholy of "Os Maias", by Eça de Queiroz; the magical, unmistakable style of Leo Tolstoy in "Anna Karenina"; the classicism of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; Portugal's glorious past marked in "A Mensagem", by Fernando Pessoa; or a day in the life of "Mrs Dalloway" as narrated by Virginia Woolf.

These form only a tiny part of an extensive list meticulously prepared and dedicated to all who enjoy reading and who experience in books lives other than their own, because in them –in books, time is timeless.


But at Hästens Sleep Spa the nobility of the representation of these masterpieces is exceeded by the very history of the building.

The upper floor houses a room with a superb 360° view over the city – the same floor that once hosted the headquarters of the Coimbra University Alumni Association (Associação dos Antigos Estudantes de Coimbra). There they met in order to promote academic solidarity and the prestige of the University of Coimbra.

In this room you can view a symbolic bookshelf of literary works –all written by University of Coimbra alumni – selected by the Association itself, at the invitation of Hästens Sleep SPA, in a close connection with the University. A historic landmark that will never be erased from memory or lost, ever, when you turn the page.


But if we are talking about timelessness ... nothing compares to Hästens sleep.



Fountain of youth

At Hästens Sleep Spa rest is widely valued and sleep is exponentially enhanced, ensuring that the whole body relaxes, thanks to ergonomic supported and no pressure points.

Something comparable only to the feeling of resting on a cloud, where time does not exist, or rather, where time is even more relevant: it is a fountain of youth, truly timeless.