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The value of a perfect night's sleep

The Hästens Sleep SPA concept is all about ... you.


At Hästens Sleep SPA, the focus is on your comfort. As such, the bed is the key. That's why, in every room, is had to be Hästens. Simple.

Hästens - since 1852

The history behind Hästens is rich and goes back six generations. Originally, they were master saddle-makers and were eventually appointed to supply the Royal Household.

Hästens beds are made exclusively using the best natural materials, sustainably and ethically produced with the right resources. It starts with horsehair, which removes any excess heat and humidity produced by your body during deep sleep. The wool and cotton mix in Hästens beds also offers maximum comfort, allowing the body to perspire easily. By using linen in Hästens beds, we eliminate static build-up from your body and help you to create a more positive energy as you sleep.

Finally, the Hästens wooden bed frame lends strength and stability to your bed, while the patented spring system gives you maximum support and high quality sleep. Each bed is made entirely by hand and takes around 200 hours to produce.

The real sleep Spa

Hästens Sleep Spa is the first and only hotel in the world where you can fully enjoy the sleep spa experience.

The bond that joins us to Hästens is our spirit of excellence that results, for you, in the bed that gives you the most invigorating night's sleep you have ever experienced.

Sleep: An immersive experience

Hästens sleep SPA is a different space, where the hustle and bustle of the outside world disappears when you close the door.

Time, privacy, tranquillity, comfort, and the unmistakable Hästens bed, so that bedtime gives you an incomparable feeling of well-being.

Completeness and well-being

A Hästens bed proves that some of the most transformative experiences happen when you close your eyes.

Achieving the fullness of well-being, inspired by History, promotes good physical and mental performance, which depends on a quality night's sleep.

As you sleep in a Hästens bed at Hästens Sleep Spa, enjoy all the benefits that rest provides, so that the awakening leaves you wonder what you enjoyed the most: sleeping ... or waking up.


Sleep better, live better

While you sleep miracles happen. Body and mind work harmoniously so that you can live a better life. All you have to do is sleep. Our passion for sleep and the benefits it brings to body and soulwill make a difference on your life. Slepping is a natural process that cannot be replicated in any other possible way.


A natural choice

At Hästens Sleep Spa, you will find exclusively all-natural materials to create the perfect sleep. The finest pure flax, wool and cotton, the highest quality pine from Sweden, and genuine, hypoallergenic horsehair.


Smart sleeping

Several variables may affect your ability to enjoy a quality night’s sleep. The bed is one of course, but the sleeping environment and your own state of being also have an impact on getting a perfect sleep.

At Hästens Sleep Spa you will have an experience of what a good sleep routine can do for you: light sleeping, acoustic insulation, sleep recommendations and, of course, an inspirational environment where books can make you travel in your best dreams.