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Surroundings romanticized
by light and colour

Areas to broaden the mind


The materialization of well-being and Portuguese literary culture meet to create the common areas at Hästens Sleep Spa.



The reception is an inspiring gallery area, breath-taking in its fine handiwork.


Covered with 419,992 small mosaic tiles arranged geometrically across the floor and walls, extending up to the ceiling in a representation of the extraordinary bookshelves and ornaments, this is Hästens Sleep SPA's tribute to the Joanine Library.

And it is in this environment of small details, romanticized by light and colour, that we welcome you, in a foray into the richness of history and your most complete well-being.

Coimbra University Alumni Association Room

Incomparable refuge and stimulation for body and mind.


Hästens Sleep SPA provides a unique view over the city of Coimbra from the Coimbra Alumni Association Room on the top floor. There, you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the city.

Exclusively for the use of hotel guests, this space is a tribute to the Coimbra University Alumni Association, who had their headquarters and met here in the past, and who now have their literary works perpetuated in the "bookshelves" of the room that honourably bears its name.


An exclusive view for hotel guests.


The Mondego River, with Coimbra on its bank, surrendered to the poetry of Miguel Torga, the boldness of the eighteenth-century University tower rising imposingly, dictating the time and the bells that regulate academic life, and the Santa Clara Bridge, excellent for an evening stroll.

It is a cosmopolitan space to enjoy at leisure, a drink prepared by our bartender in hand and, if at all possible, a good book.

Or just time, to enjoy the scenery that the city and Hästens Sleep SPA have prepared for you. The perfect refuge for those who appreciate the luxury of simplicity or for those who, like Oscar Wilde, enjoy simple yet refined tastes.


A secret refuge.
An added charm to your city break.


Reserved for guests only, the garden is a space that creates play of colours between the elegant ornamental plants, the stone sculptures, the trees and flowers, and the aromatic plants that appeal to the senses.



A vertical garden, with upper planes and overlapping trays with lower lighting, offering a spectacle of natural gradation of colours: plants ranging from a warm, bold red to a darker, quieter red; trees from a vibrant green to a more placid green; and low-growing plants that hover between the whim of green and a melancholic bluish-grey.

A living, sculptural, and vibrant work of art inspiring the transformation of the space into an unexpected oasis during the day or a setting for fables, with scenic and artistic lighting effects, at night.